Pico IoT Gateway


The KONA Pico IoT Gateway is designed for Smart Office and Smart Home IoT applications.  With a low total cost of ownership, superior RF performance and a very compact form-factor it is the perfect choice for an IoT applications hub.  Bundling the KONA Pico along with the sensors addresses a wide variety of applications. This device is very easy to setup which makes it ideal for zero-touch, high volume deployments.

TEKTELIC’s KONA Pico IoT gateway allows users to experience world class IoT connectivity with consistent and reliable service regardless of the customer’s proximity to a public LoRaWAN™ network. This product is simple to use with plug and play functionality.  It self-configures upon installation and extends LoRa™ coverage inside the home or office.

The Pico IoT Gateway is integrated with most leading Network Server providers.   To minimize configuration and setup, the Pico IoT Gateway is preconfigured to attach to TEKTELIC’s Network and Application Server.   Customers interested in attachment to different Network Servers should get in touch with TEKTELIC support.

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Operator Benefits

  • Reduced operation and Deployment costs due to the utilization of KONA Pico’s IoT Gateways within the existing IP backhaul.
  • Improved coverage and high-quality service will result in an increase in user adoption and customer satisfaction.
  • Maximize of benefits to customers by enabling a wide range of additional IoT services which includes home and asset monitoring, security, health and fitness.
  • Robust gateway design manufactured for quality.
  • Self-optimizing plug-n-play installation
  • Integrated with eco-system of network servers and devices

KONA Pico IoT Gateway

Minature Lorawan™ Gateway for Home and Small office

Technical and Functional System Specifications


Ethernet ·         Modular RJ45

·         10/100 BaseT with autonegotiation

Power ·         Off-the-shelf 5V/2A wall adapter

·         5.5mm barrel connector

LoRa Parameters

ISM NA915 Band ·         902 – 928 Mhz
ISM EU868 Band ·         863 – 870 Mhz
ISM AU915 Band ·         915 – 928 Mhz
ISM AS923 Band ·         920 – 928 Mhz
Tx Power ·         Adjustable to 27 dBm
Rx Sensitivity ·         -139.5 dBm (SF12, 293 bits / sec)
Rx Noise Figure ·         3.0 dB
Rx Linearity ·         -10 dBm
Rx Dynamic Range ·         60 dB


CPU ·         NXP Kinetis K64MCU – 120 MHz Cortez M4

·         Integrated 1Mb Flash and 256Kb SRAM

·         Pre-programmed MCU for higher volume

Memory ·         SPI NOR Flash – up to 2 MB
Packaging ·         Polycarbonate Enclosure
Dimensions ·         96 x 96 x 25 mm
Cooling ·         Convection Cooled
LED-1 ·         Power indicator
LED-2 ·         LoRa Link Indicator
LED-3 ·         WiFi Link / traffic Indicator


OS ·         FreeRTOS
Configuration and Calibration

Gateway Image Management

·         NVM Storage Management

·         Factor image Provisioning

·         Active and Passive image management

·         Firmware update over ETH

·         Image Corruption recovery built in

Networking ·         DHCPv4 client

·         TFTP server

Regulatory Compliance

Safety ·         UL 60950-1
EMC ·         FCC Part 15: 247, 109, 209, 107

·         FCC Colocation (WiFi version only)

·         ETSI 300 389-1, 489-3, 489-17 (EU only)

·         ETSI 300 220-1, 220-2 (EU only)

·         ETSI 300.328 (WiFi version only)

Environmental ·         Operating Temperature: 0 (degree Celsius) to +40 (degree Celsius)

·         Storage Temperature: -20 degree Celsius to + 70 degree Celsius

·         Humidity: 5% to 95% Non-Condensing


Additional information

Weight 0.340 lbs
Dimensions 21 x 15.24 x 10 in

US915, EU868, CN779, EU433, AU915, SN923, NZ923, KR920, IN865