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19 December 2022

19 December 2022

DMI and TEKTELIC Collaboration for Commercial Buildings

DMI and TEKTELIC Collaboration for Commercial Buildings
DMI and TEKTELIC Collaboration for Commercial Buildings

Environmental monitoring in commercial buildings has always been an important part of creating a healthy working setting. Indoor air quality, occupancy rates, temperature, and humidity impact employees’ performance, and operational efficiency, and affect the productivity of doing business. So, companies have been focused on these factors more or less all the time. However, the recent pandemic has brought the question of space utilization and working environmental conditions to the forefront.

The transition to working from home has made enterprises realize there is an opportunity to have a smaller real estate footprint with less physical space required for in-office work. In addition, environmental factors have become paramount to those working in the office. Regardless of the business industry, it’s essential to be aware of environmental conditions at the work site. It is not only about indoor air quality monitoring systems but also about the indoor environment as a whole. A pleasant working environment is critical to maintaining the health, productivity, safety, and motivation of the in-office workforce.

The Challenge

The main challenge monitoring systems have right now is the coverage range and monitoring of remote locations. Many environmental monitoring systems, which are currently on the market, cannot cover large work spaces and so work site managers are unable to ensure compliance with acceptable levels of environmental variables.

Another challenge is the complexity of environmental monitoring. There are often infrequent but important events that shape the variability of the environment. These events may change the spatial scale usage. When there are significant differences between the scales, data gaps may inhibit the ability to assess environmental variability. As a result, business executives will have varying levels of space usage and couldn’t control the environment in an efficient way.

Developing effective environmental monitoring programs is an essential component of environmental regulation. It can help businesses determine what management practices will work best in current conditions and can identify new problems that need regulatory attention. In addition, an effective environmental monitoring system can set standards for existing programs. That being said, with the TEKTELIC VIVID sensor and DMI’s digital twin platform, Precision Reality, companies have real-time access to the environmental monitoring data and can control their HVAC systems accordingly to catch any anomalies in temperature and humidity and regulate optimal conditions for employees, as well as optimize key areas usage.

The Solution

Considering the importance of environmental monitoring, DMI, in partnership with TEKTELIC, has created a perfect solution addressing environmental impact indoors. DMI uses TEKTELIC VIVID sensors to monitor occupancy and air conditioning efficiency. VIVID monitoring devices are placed in offices, conference rooms, reception desks, bathrooms, breakrooms, etc. to determine when that particular space is occupied, occupancy duration, and occupancy frequency. The VIVID comes with PIR capabilities to allow it to detect motion on site and allows businesses to make informed decisions on space allocation and usage.

At the same time, DMI uses the temperature and humidity feature of the device to aggregate metrics on the environmental conditions of these same spaces. VIVID monitors relative humidity, temperature, and light. It has very low energy consumption, so a coin cell battery can last up to 10 years. VIVID is a compact smart monitoring sensor with various mounting options and the ability to be included in any LoRaWAN network.

DMI’s digital twin platform, Precision Reality, in turn, makes it easy for companies to assess the data presented from remote sites and arrange office space usage statistics in an easy-to-navigate layout. Precision Reality displays data as analytics with spatial context via a floor plan and graphs and charts. It allows us to keep all of the data in the same place and control occupancy and indoor air quality.

Such an environmental monitoring system allows our business owners to optimize existing layouts, reduce real estate needs, reduce cleaning/maintenance frequency and expense in unused spaces. Wireless technology offered makes it possible for businesses to catch any anomalies, such as high temperatures or poor air quality. With the integration of monitoring technologies, business owners acquire an opportunity to regulate environmental conditions for better employees’ performance, productivity, and health.



As previously mentioned, the importance of environmental monitoring systems cannot be overestimated. Environmental monitoring is a necessity to keep high levels of productivity, performance, and satisfaction with on-site working. DMI together with TEKTELIC has created an ideal environmental monitoring system, which helps to control occupancy in offices and keep air quality at safety-acceptable levels.

DMI and TEKTELIC offer equipment that solves environmental monitoring issues once and for all.

That is why, if you have an on-site business and want to organize office usage in a risk-free way, you should consider using smart monitoring devices and advanced environmental systems. This solution is a paramount choice for any of the building systems present in the market.

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