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20 March 2024

20 March 2024

Revolutionizing Ski Resort Safety with SkiKrumb & TEKTELIC

Revolutionizing Ski Resort Safety with SkiKrumb & TEKTELIC
Revolutionizing Ski Resort Safety with SkiKrumb & TEKTELIC

In the dynamic landscape of ski resort safety, skiKrumb and TEKTELIC have forged a groundbreaking partnership to address the unique challenges faced by families navigating the slopes. skiKrumb, the pioneering GPS tracker designed specifically for ski resorts, found itself at the forefront of a pressing need: providing real-time location updates in environments where traditional cellular devices falter.

Enter TEKTELIC’s KONA Macro gateways, the perfect complement to skiKrumb’s mission. Together, they tackle the hurdles of unreliable connectivity and rugged terrains. Explore how this innovative solution, currently deployed in British Columbia’s mountains, is reshaping safety standards and enhancing the skiing experience for families.

The Challenge

Within the bustling environment of ski resorts, the safety of young skiers is paramount. However, kids aged 5-10 generally don’t have cellphones, and even if they do, the reliability of cellular devices in mountain environments is questionable. They require constant charging, are susceptible to freezing, and frequently fall out of cell range.

Over the past decade, skiKrumb has interacted with thousands of parents who have experienced the distress of being separated from their child during skiing, sometimes for a few minutes, other times for hours. This reality underscores the urgent need for a reliable solution.

Another challenge faced by ski resorts and schools is ensuring the safety and cohesion of training groups. It’s crucial for instructors to track every single person and ensure they are not separated from the group. While some resort to makeshift measures like AirTags, unaware of their limited range, skiKrumb emerges as a natural

solution to the problem. Tailored specifically for ski environments, skiKrumb trackers provide peace of mind to families and instructors alike, ensuring they can easily locate each other on the mountain.

The Solution

To address the challenges faced by ski resorts, there is an importance of a reliable connection, especially in remote mountain environments. Traditional cellular networks often falter in these regions, leaving gaps in coverage and compromising safety. Recognizing this, LoRaWAN® technology is the best choice, as it’s known for its robustness and ability to provide long-range, low-power connectivity in challenging terrains.

At the heart of this network infrastructure are TEKTELIC’s KONA Macro gateways, strategically positioned across the ski resorts. These gateways serve as the backbone of the LoRaWAN® network, ensuring seamless connectivity between skiKrumb trackers and the central monitoring system. The choice of KONA Macro gateways was deliberate, as they offer unparalleled reliability and performance even in harsh weather conditions, such as sub-zero temperatures and heavy snowfall. The gateways deployed at the British Columbia’s ski resorts have already been through -35°C, blizzards, fog, and more, proving their extreme reliability.

Complementing this robust network infrastructure are skiKrumb trackers, specifically designed for ski resorts. These small, compact devices attach securely to outerwear or can be placed in pockets, utilizing advanced GPS technology to reach areas of the hill that cellphones cannot.

With skiKrumb, families have peace of mind knowing the real-time location data is sent to their connected mobile devices. Whether taking a wrong turn, experiencing a spill, or skiing different runs, skiKrumb ensures that loved ones can easily find each other on the hill. With live locations and daily replays, skiKrumb facilitates a focus on fun this winter, offering a small, durable tracker with a long-lasting battery that uses advanced technology to bridge communication gaps where cellphones fall short.


Through the integration of LoRaWAN® technology and TEKTELIC’s KONA Macro gateways, skiKrumb trackers offer ski riders peace of mind, ensuring reliable real-time location data in even the most challenging mountain environments. As ski resorts strive to prioritize safety and enhance the skiing experience, skiKrumb stands as a beacon of innovation, empowering families and instructors to enjoy the slopes with confidence and security.

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Partner’s profile

Company’s name: SkiKrumb Trackers


Headquarter: #305-1979 Old Okanagan Highway, Westbank, BC, V4T 3A4

Year founded: 2023

Industry sector: Sports & Tourism

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