IoT Sensor

What is it?

An IoT sensor is a device that can detect and measure changes in the physical world, such as temperature, motion, light, sound, air quality, and others. It can communicate with other devices or systems through wired or wireless networks, including LoRaWAN®, and send data to the network server for analysis or action. IoT sensors are used for various applications, such as smart homes, health monitoring, retail, manufacturing, transportation, environmental management, and more.   

How does it work?

Sensors collect the data from the environment, convert it to a data package, and send RF signals that can be processed and transmitted by other IoT devices, actuators, servers, and applications. The sensors and actuators can use wired (such as Ethernet) or wireless (such as Wi-Fi, cellular, or LoRa®) networks to send and receive data that can help track or control the condition and behavior of connected objects and machines.  

TEKTELIC LoRaWAN® sensors send data wirelessly over the LoRaWAN® network to a gateway, which gets the data packets and decodes them before sending them to the network server. The server then delivers the data to the application. Our applications enable users to view data updates in real time, create reports, and control devices (check their battery level, condition, location, etc.). 

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