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17 April 2024

17 April 2024

Maximizing Cold Chain Efficiency with TUNDRA Sensor

Maximizing Cold Chain Efficiency with TUNDRA Sensor
Maximizing Cold Chain Efficiency with TUNDRA Sensor

In the world of cold chain logistics, maintaining precise temperatures is essential. Each year, thousands suffer from foodborne illnesses due to temperature mishaps, with around 1,600 deaths attributed to Listeria infections in the United States alone (source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

Additionally, according to Businessdit, U.S. retail stores contribute to a staggering 16 billion pounds of food waste annually, impacting both the economy and the environment. Better cold chain management practices could significantly reduce this waste, ensuring perishables maintain their quality from farm to shelf.  

Furthermore, cold chain management is equally critical in the pharmaceutical industry. The FDA estimates that proper temperature storage could save up to $1 billion annually, crucial not only for healthcare cost-efficiency but also for the effectiveness and safety of medications (source: Texas A&M Health Science Center). 

In light of these challenges, innovative solutions are essential to revolutionize cold chain management. Enter TEKTELIC TUNDRA, offering a comprehensive approach to temperature monitoring and ensuring the integrity of temperature-sensitive products throughout their journey. 

Introducing TEKTELIC TUNDRA: Revolutionizing Cold Chain Monitoring

With the global cold chain market on a rapid growth trajectory, expected to hit significant billions by 2028, the demand for sophisticated monitoring solutions is at an all-time high. This demand is driven by the increasing complexity of global supply chains and the critical need for stringent safety and quality standards in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, and chemicals. TEKTELIC’s TUNDRA Sensor addresses these challenges head-on, offering an innovative, analytics-driven approach to cold chain management. 

TEKTELIC’s TUNDRA Sensor is designed to provide an unparalleled level of monitoring for temperature and humidity, key factors in maintaining the integrity of sensitive products. 

Here are the standout features of the TUNDRA Sensor: 

  • Real-time Monitoring: Continuous tracking of temperature and humidity levels to ensure goods remain within the required parameters. 
  • Advanced Analytics: The TUNDRA Sensor utilizes sophisticated algorithms to predict potential issues, allowing businesses to intervene before problems arise. 
  • Automated Alerts: Immediate notifications in the event of deviations from set thresholds, significantly reducing the risk of spoilage. 

How TUNDRA Works?

TUNDRA is an advanced monitoring system designed for maintaining optimal conditions in cold storage units. It utilizes a combination of sensors and a mobile application to ensure the temperature and other environmental variables are kept within desired parameters, alerting users to any deviations that could impact the storage quality.

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Use TUNDRA: 

  • Place TUNDRA in the Cold Storage Unit: Install the TUNDRA sensor system inside your designated cold storage unit to begin the setup process. 
  • Download LeapX App and Sign In: Download the LeapX App from your mobile device’s app store. Open the App and sign in using your credentials to access the system. 
  • Scan Sensor QR Codes via LeapX: Use the LeapX App to scan the QR codes on the TUNDRA sensors. This step is crucial for linking the sensors to your app account and ensuring they are ready for monitoring. 
  • All Devices Details are Set by Default: Once the sensors are scanned, all device details and configurations are automatically set to default settings suitable for typical cold storage conditions. 
  • Edit Sensor Configurations as Needed: If the default settings do not meet your specific requirements, you can edit the sensor configurations. Access the settings menu in the LeapX App, select the sensor you wish to configure, and adjust the settings as necessary. 
  • Display Sensor Data: The LeapX App will display real-time data from the TUNDRA sensors. You can view current temperature readings and historical data to monitor the environment continuously. 
  • Take Immediate Action to Address Temperature Concerns: If the sensor data indicates a temperature anomaly or drifts away from the set parameters, take immediate action to address these issues. The App may provide specific suggestions or alerts to help you rectify the situation promptly. 

Applications Across Industries

While the versatility of TUNDRA lends itself to various industries, its impact becomes more tangible when examining specific examples and case studies. By delving into real-world scenarios, we can better understand how TUNDRA addresses unique challenges and delivers significant benefits in each sector it serves. 

Main Applications of TUNDRA: 

  • Hospitals & Medical Facilities: Ensures critical medical supplies and medications are stored at optimal temperatures, safeguarding their effectiveness and compliance with health regulations. 
  • Shipping Containers: Monitors temperature-sensitive goods during transit, providing real-time data to prevent spoilage and ensure product integrity upon delivery. 
  • Transport Trucks: Facilitates continuous monitoring of perishable goods during transport, crucial for maintaining freshness and quality from point A to B.

  • Pharmaceutical & Vaccine Storage: Ensures critical temperature maintenance for pharmaceuticals and vaccines, safeguarding their potency and compliance with health regulations. 
  • Medical Storage: Ideal for medical facilities, this system monitors conditions to ensure the safe storage of temperature-sensitive medical supplies and specimens. 
  • Warehouses: Adept at maintaining optimal conditions in warehouse environments, preventing spoilage and quality degradation of stored goods.

  • Restaurants: Helps maintain precise temperature control in restaurant kitchens and storage areas, ensuring food safety and quality. 
  • Supermarkets: Monitors the temperature of perishable goods, reducing spoilage and compliance risks across supermarket refrigeration units. 
  • Agriculture: Assists in monitoring storage conditions for harvested crops, crucial for maintaining freshness and preventing post-harvest losses. 

Case Study: Enhancing Vaccine Storage with TUNDRA 

Our partners from Pilot Things in collaboration with TEKTELIC developed Vaccine Guardian, a solution addressing the challenge of maintaining vaccine integrity during distribution.    

Utilizing TEKTELIC’s TUNDRA sensor, Vaccine Guardian ensures: 

  • Real-time monitoring for prompt response to temperature changes. 
  • Timely alerts to prevent vaccine spoilage. 
  • Simplicity and ease of use with no wiring required. 
  • Data-driven insights for informed decision-making. 
  • Always-on connectivity for uninterrupted monitoring, ensuring vaccine integrity and efficacy.   

Meanwhile, the KONA Micro Gateway ensures continuous connectivity, crucial for preventing data loss during power outages. This partnership exemplifies the efficacy of IoT solutions in optimizing cold chain management for vaccine distribution.

Click here to access the full story of success and learn how the Vaccine Guardian solution revolutionizes cold chain monitoring for vaccine distribution or download the PDF. 


When it comes to cold chain management, TEKTELIC TUNDRA stands out as the premier solution, offering a multitude of competitive advantages that directly impact businesses’ bottom line and operational efficiency.  

  • Cost Savings: TEKTELIC TUNDRA sensors provide accurate, continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity. This early detection of refrigerator and freezer issues allows for timely intervention, preventing spoilage and reducing operational expenses. 
  • Small Form Factor & Easy Deployment: TUNDRA is engineered for quick and discreet deployment. It can be mounted inside cold storage units or outside using an external thermistor probe, offering flexible installation options. 
  • Operates in Harsh Conditions: Capable of monitoring environments from -40°C to +85°C and up to 100% relative humidity, TUNDRA is equipped with an IP67 rating. This makes it robust enough to withstand exposure to ice and water in cold rooms and refrigerated areas. 
  • 15-Year Battery Life: The long battery life significantly reduces maintenance costs by minimizing the need for frequent battery replacements and decreases the risk of data loss due to a dead battery. 
  • Regulatory Compliance: TUNDRA supports HACCP compliance through its Store and Forward feature, which holds data for up to 120 days or 3000 entries. This ensures data is preserved until it can be successfully transmitted to the Gateway, even during connectivity interruptions. 

In an ever-evolving landscape of cold chain logistics, the importance of precision temperature monitoring cannot be overstated. TEKTELIC TUNDRA stands at the forefront of innovation, offering a comprehensive solution that redefines cold chain management for businesses across industries. From reducing product losses to ensuring regulatory compliance, TUNDRA empowers businesses to optimize their operations and safeguard their valuable assets. Don’t let temperature fluctuations compromise your cold chain—choose TEKTELIC TUNDRA and elevate your efficiency and reliability today. 

Ready to revolutionize your cold chain management? Contact us today to learn more about TEKTELIC TUNDRA and take the first step towards unparalleled control and peace of mind. 

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