Easily and Efficiently Track and Manage Meeting Rooms Occupancy Status and Bookings



The TEKTELIC Tempo Meeting Room Booking Solutiont utilizes an E-Ink display, Smart Room Sensor and KONA Micro Gateway to provide a simple and efficient solution to monitor and manage room occupancy, coordinate and book meetings, and analyze statistical data. Fully integrated with TEKTELIC’s Smart Room Sensor, and Meeting Room Booking Application Platform, the tablet will display real time occupancy status, allowing users to save time and effort with full visibility to the room’s availability. Integrations with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar are available to provide an enterprise grade platform that can be quickly deployed at a very low cost.

Simple Deployment
wireless deployment
universal mounting




  • Stand Alone Solution for Smart Buildings and Offices
  • Provides Rich Analytics
  • Ideal for Small, Medium, Large Offices
  • Integrated with Outlook, Google etc.
  • Integrated with Smart Room Sensors family
  • Display Real Time Occupancy status
  • Provides Rich Analytics
  • Simple Deployment
Operational Temperature 0°C to 40°C0°C
Ingress Protection IP30
RF Power 15 dBm
LoRa Device Class Class A (Class B in future)
Antenna Internal
RF Sensitivity up to -137dBm
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How do I integrate TEMPO with my corporate calendar booking platform?

Following purchase of your TEMPO solution, the administrator of your company’s calendar software (Outlook or Gmail) will have the capability to integrate TEMPO and create meeting rooms, add buildings and do a complete set up within the TEMPO application.

Can I customize the information displayed on the Tablet?

Yes, each tablet is configurable to have room a custom room name or number, and room equipment visible on the tablet placed outside of the meeting room (Projector, TV, Whiteboard, etc), so employees can book rooms which have the equipment needed for their meetings.

How do I activate the solution?

The tablet is shipped either as a battery powered externally powered (5VDC or POE). Firstly, ensure that the tablet and smart room sensor are provisioned on the Network Server (or the TEMPO application) with the keys provided in your shipment before activating the tablet. Once complete, either remove the battery pull tabs or power the tablet through the desired external power method. Lastly, set up the calendar integrations (Google and/or Microsoft Outlook) and you are ready to start enjoying the endless benefits of the Tempo solution.

How do I mount the TEMPO?

The TEMPO tablet comes with a mounting clip which it can easily and securely slide in and out of. The mounting bracket can be easily 3M taped to the wall. There is also an option to wire the Tablet it if required.

What is the battery life estimate for the tablet?

The battery life estimate of the tablet is one year. Further device configurations like increasing the active work hours of tablet, frequency of room status downlink, or excessive usage could impact this estimate negatively.