TEMPO Meeting Room Display Tablet

Easily and Efficiently Track and Manage Meeting Room Occupancy Status and Bookings

Ingress Protection



4AA 12 month (for typical use)

RF Sensitivity

up to -137dBm



Operational Temperature

0°C to +40°C

TEKTELIC TEMPO [Meeting Room Display Tablet] provides a simple and efficient solution to monitor and manage room occupancy, coordinate and book meetings, and analyze statistical data. Fully integrated with TEKTELIC’s Smart Room Sensors, the platform will display real-time occupancy status, allowing users to save time and effort with full visibility to the room’s availability. Integrations with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar are available to provide an enterprise-grade platform that can be quickly deployed at a very low cost. Time is money, and the TEKTELIC’s TEMPO will help you save both!


  • Stand Alone Solution for Smart Buildings and Offices
  • Provides Rich Analytics
  • Ideal for Small, Medium, Large Offices
  • Integrated with Outlook, Google etc.
  • Integrated with Smart Room Sensors family
  • Display Real Time Occupancy status
  • Simple Deployment
Operational Temperature 0°C to 40°C
Ingress Protection
RF Power
15 dBm
LoRa Device Class
Class A (Class B in future)
Antenna Internal
RF Sensitivity up to -137dBm
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What are the possible power options for the externally-powered tablets?

– Power input, DC Port: 5 VDC +/-10%
– Power Input, POE: IEEE 802.3af class 1, Mode A or Mode B or 4-pair Mode 48 VDC nominal, 37 to 58 VDC operating range

What kind of walls can I mount the tablet on?

The tablet can be mounted on any type of wall using the wall plate provided in the product package. For dry walls, use the provided screws to tighten the plate on the wall before mounting the tablet. For glass walls, use double-sided adhesive tapes that are strong enough to hold the tablet in place. The slots provided on mount plate allows for adjustment to level the mount plate

What is the radio transceiver on the tablet?

The tablet features the Semtech SX1262 as the radio transceiver. This device is capable of communicating via FSK or LoRa signals with a frequency coverage of 150 MHz to 960 MHz The LoRa radio specifications include:
– 22 dBm maximum Tx power
– -137dBm Rx sensitivity (SF12 on a 125-kHz channel)
– Programmable bit rates up to 300 kbps
– LoRa and FSK modulation

What is the display technology on the tablet?

E-ink display technology used on the Memo is a reflective, bistable, and paper-like display with a 758 x 1024 resolution and 16 gray levels. The display does not need backlight to hold screen images, rather it uses the ambient light of the environment to reflect the surface of the display making it seem like it’s always ON. When the tablet is not active, the tablet saves more power compared to other display technologies (such as LCD), and Information is always on display.

What is the battery life estimate for the tablet?

The battery life estimate of the tablet is one year for typical use case (Active 10 hours/ week day (280 Rx packets, 15 Tx packets at 15dBm, 15 screen updates), in Deep sleep otherwise). Further device configurations like increasing the active work hours of tablet, frequency of room status downlink, or excessive usage will reduce this battery life estimate.

What do the LED on the tablet’s corners mean?

All four corners of the enclosure are exposed to let the LED colors help visualize the specific rooms state. Red and Green are set by default to represent occupied and available status, respectively. This setting is user-configurable. For battery-powered tablets, this LED function is turned off by default to save power.

How often does the tablet update room status?

By default, the tablet requests for update on room status (Available/Occupied) every ten minutes. This can be configured to suit organizational needs, but doing that will impact the battery life of the tablet.

Can I have different room settings for different meeting rooms?

The tempo application supports flexible settings for different meeting rooms to reflect the nature of use or amenities present in the room (such as Projector, Whiteboard, TV etc.). An example is a shared space that is used as a meeting room for some parts of the workday and an office for the remaining part, you can easily set the active hours of a room to reflect this arrangement.