IoT for Smart Agriculture.

Optimizing Agricultural Innovation

The concept of using IoT for Smart Agriculture practices is taking flight as farmers now can easily visualize, analyze and make more informed decisions regarding their crops, livestock, equipment, infrastructure, environment, and all other components they are required to continuously monitor and manage for increased yields and improved efficiencies. 

IoT technologies can provide farmers with key metrics about their crops. A network of IoT sensors can collect information about soil metrics including moisture levels, pH and chemical composition. This information can be visualized in real-time by the farmer using an online or mobile-based application. 



Environmental Monitoring

IoT Agriculture sensors have a compact size and determine many parameters that give an understanding of the environmental aspects. It is the ideal solution to streamline and simplify the collection of key metrics for crops, residential and commercial lawns, gardens and golf courses.


IoT sensors can be deployed to collect data about sunlight exposure, which can be used to make better decisions about crop placement and help determine if solar integration is a viable option for the farm. Essential weather-related data including ambient temperature and humidity, rainfall analysis, wind patterns and frost probabilities can be visualized using IoT technologies helping farmers to better understand the environment around them. 


Precision Agriculture
Environmental Monitoring
Irrigation & Soil Moisture Monitoring

Smart Optimization

IoT provides technologies for automation, data collection and analysis, security and preventative maintenance amongst others which in turn contributes to increased yields, improved operational efficiencies, mitigated risks, reduced waste and spoilage all while driving down operational costs. 

An IoT network deployment can also be used for the visualization and presence notification of harmful pests which can be utilized for early detection and effective, targeted pest control. This equipment can be tracked, located, and monitored using IoT technologies to understand their location and operation status, for security purposes including theft or vandalism prevention, predictive maintenance and automation through remote management capabilities.    

Smart Water Management
Smart Fish Farming
Pest Control

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Smart Agriculture with LoraWAN wireless network

TEKTELIC has developed a complete End-to-End Smart Agriculturecomprised of sensors, gateways and backend software allowing users to better understand their assets. Contact TEKTELIC to learn more about our End-to-End Smart AgricultureIoT solution and how we are providing solutions for various other industries today.

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