IoT for Smart Metering.

Smarter monitoring for reduced consumption

IoT technology can help both businesses and homeowners alike to aid in reducing water and power consumption through efficient metering. Increased consumption monitoring and streamlined data collection allow for lower energy bills for the end-user and a reduced carbon footprint.

Benefits of LoRaWAN® for Meter Reading:

  • Reduced truck roll for sensor data collection
  • Cost savings due to reduced fuel consumption and staffing requirements
  • Immense time savings as data collection for neighborhoods shifts from hours/days to seconds/minutes. 
  • Strategic mapping of data collection routes
  • Two-way communication accommodates “pinging” for access to specific meters at any time 
  • Individual sensor tamper and leak notification 
  • LoRaWAN®network can be utilized for other applications
Smarter monitoring for reduced consumption with lorawan IoT networks

What exactly you can measure?

IoT technology enables a  more streamlined approach to water and energy metering operations. By equipping meters with IoT technology, cities can efficiently and remotely collect metering data and drive down costs associated with labor, fuel consumption, and human error. 

LoRaWAN® Solutions enable the connection of every metering device to the network. Know precise numbers with just one click. Manage maintenance with no extra cost. 

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