Smart Workplace

What is it?

A smart workplace is an office, which is equipped with advanced technology, devices, and tools. This notion can be referred to as both a smart desk and a smart office space as a whole. Usually, smart workplace includes online collaboration platforms, desk booking software, and virtual reality training.  It usually enables employees to work more flexibly and efficiently by reducing repetitive tasks and unnecessary time-consuming adjustments.

How does it work?

A smart workplace works by using technology to help employees work more efficiently and comfortably by automating tedious tasks, managing workflows, and connecting systems and software to create a seamless workplace experience.

Usually, smart sensors collect data about office environmental conditions, such as CO2, occupancy, lighting, air quality, etc. Data is then transmitted to an actuator, which sends it further to the network server and is forwarded to an application server then. TEKTELIC offers a variety of products designed to create a smart workplace. It includes smart sensors, which allow monitoring of a range of environmental metrics as well as a wide gateway portfolio, which features different capacity gateways working under the LoRaWAN® protocol.

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