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4 June 2024

4 June 2024

TEKTELIC Showcases Cutting-Edge LoRaWAN® Solutions at Asia Tech x Singapore 2024

TEKTELIC Showcases Cutting-Edge LoRaWAN® Solutions at Asia Tech x Singapore 2024
TEKTELIC Showcases Cutting-Edge LoRaWAN® Solutions at Asia Tech x Singapore 2024

From May 29th to 31st, TEKTELIC, in partnership with iWOW Technology Limited proudly showcased the largest LoRaWAN® portfolio of gateways and sensors, as well as our latest innovations at Asia Tech x Singapore, marking a significant milestone in our mission to create smarter cities and industries. 

Our New Product Lineup

SEAL Wearable Safety & GPS Tracker is a rugged industrial device designed for comprehensive safety monitoring and location tracking of personnel in hazardous environments. It features precise GPS and integrated BLE for real-time indoor and outdoor tracking, fall detection, geofencing, and an integrated panic button. With an IP67 rating, it is dustproof and waterproof, ensuring durability in harsh conditions. The device also includes audio and visual alarms and offers up to 15 months of battery life, promoting a secure and efficient industrial environment.  

STORK Indoor & Outdoor Low-Power GNSS Asset Tracker is a rugged, long-lasting device designed to deliver precise location data and unparalleled reliability in challenging environments. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications, it integrates seamlessly to ensure consistent and accurate tracking of assets, leveraging advanced GNSS technology to provide dependable performance with low power consumption.   

CHICKADEE Indoor & Outdoor Low-Power GPS Personnel Tracker: Revolutionize your tracking capabilities with this advanced device utilizing LoRa Edge™ technology for low-power GPS, BLE, and Wi-Fi positioning. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments, the CHICKADEE tracker ensures efficient, reliable, and long-lasting monitoring of people and assets. Enhance your security and management systems with this versatile and power-efficient solution.  

eDoctor Live Demo

A highlight of our presence was the live demonstration of the eDoctor application, which captivated attendees with its real-time vital signs monitoring. Our colleague, Emma Tholl, exemplified the efficacy of the eDoctor IoT device, which reliably transmitted her vital signs across the entire Singapore Expo floor. This impressive feat demonstrated the capability of our TEKTELIC Micro LoRaWAN® Gateway to maintain continuous monitoring over vast areas, even up to a five-story building, with updates every minute using a small coil cell battery lasting for months. Such innovation promises to revolutionize patient care, easing the workload of nursing staff and enhancing the quality of care. 

Discover More with TEKTELIC 

Our presence at the event underscored a significant shift in the industry. LoRaWAN® has now become a mainstream enterprise LPWAN technology. The focus has shifted from questioning its functionality and reliability compared to other IoT technologies to exploring the specific solutions it offers to address various challenges. 

TEKTELIC’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge IoT solutions was evident throughout the Asia Tech x Singapore 2024, reinforcing our leadership in the LoRaWAN® space and our dedication to solving real-world problems with technology. 

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