CHICKADEE – Wearable Badge Tracker

Rugged Badge Style Device for Asset Tracking

Battery Life

6+ Months

Ingress Protection


RF Power

15 dBm

LoRa Device Class

Class A

All Global ISM Bands

All Global ISM Bands

CHICKADEE is a cutting-edge LoRaWAN® device designed to revolutionize the way you keep track of your people. Built on the powerful LR1110 platform, this badge offers both GPS and BLE indoor people location capabilities, so you can always know exactly where your personnel is located. CHICKADEE is ideal for critical infrastructure, where certain areas have restricted permission and/or require certain levels of protection.

We are committed to developing cutting-edge solutions that improve safety and security for our customers and CHICKADEE is a powerful tool that will help ensure the safety of personnel in any environment.


  • Construction Sites
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Multi-Building Campuses
  • 6+ Months Battery Life (Rechargeable)
  • Accelerometer
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Functionality
  • Data Transmission via LoRaWAN® and BLE
  • All Global ISM Bands
  • Small Form Factor for Diverse Deployments
  • Easily Integrated into LoRaWAN® Networks
  • Internal Antenna
Operational Temperature -10°C to +55°C
Protection Rating IP65
LoRa Device Class A
Antenna Internal
RF Power 15 dBm
RF Sensitivity
-132 dBm (NA) -139 dBm (EU)
Custom Recharagable Battery
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What types of settings is CHICKADEE most suitable for? 

CHICKADEE is a brilliant choice for any location that requires precise and/or secure tracking of personnel, such as critical infrastructure sites. It includes: 

  • Construction Sites 
  • Warehouses 
  • Manufacturing Facilities 
  • Multi-Building Campuses 

The device also offers both GPS and BLE indoor people location capabilities, so you can always have the location of your personnel.  

How does CHICKADEE work?

CHICKADEE is built on the powerful LR1110 platform and uses LoRaWAN technology to track the location of personnel. The device transmits a signal that is collected by receivers, which can then be used to pinpoint the near-exact location of the wearer. The signal can be used both outdoors, where GPS can be used to track the user, and indoors, where BLE is used to track the user’s movement.  

What advantages does CHICKADEE offer over traditional tracking methods?

CHICKADEE offers several advantages over traditional tracking methods. With its 6+ month battery life, it is more reliable and efficient than other tracking methods. It is rechargeable after the indicated period of time, so it eliminates the need of replacing existing devices with new ones.  Additionally, with IP 65 certification, the device is designed to be durable in various workspace environments within the temperature range from -10°C to +55°C.