Locate and Monitor Indoor and Outdoor Equipment in a Simpler and More Effective Way



TEKTELIC Asset Tracking Solution is a great option for tracking your valuable assets' location around the premises. Asset Tracking Solution can be of two different types: indoor and outdoor. Indoor Asset Tracking Solution includes SPARROW, KONA Micro IoT gateway, LOCUS application, and BLE Beacon for smooth monitoring around the indoor environment. Outdoor Asset Tracking Solution, in turn, includes one of outdoor asset tracking sensors such as ORCA, PELICAN, or PELICAN EX, LOCUS app, any of TEKTELIC gateways, and BLE Beacon (optionally). With accurate asset tracking, you can minimize inventory loss, increase operational efficiency, and prevent equipment downtime.

Wireless Connectivity
Continuous Visibility
Long Battery Life
Simple Access




  • Easily locate and monitor valuable indoor and outdoor equipment
  • Reduce theft and lost assets
  • Ideal for indoor environment: hospitals, retail, warehouses, manufacturing
  • Ideal for outdoor environment: shipping containers, pallets, railcars, fleet vehicles, industrial equipment
  • Long Battery Life
  • All Global ISM bands
  • Ability to track and monitor assets in Hazardous locations requiring Class 1/Div 2 / ATEX certification
  • Easily Integrated into LoRaWAN Networks
ORCA [Industrial GPS Asset Tracker]  
Operational Temperature -40°C to + 85°C
Ingress Protection IP67
RF Power 22 dBm
LoRa Device Class Class A and C
Antenna Internal
RF Sensitivity up to -137dBm
  SPARROW [Enterprise Asset Tracker]  
Operational Temperature 0°C to +60°C
Ingress Protection IP30
RF Power 15 dBm
LoRa Device Class Class A
Antenna Internal
RF Sensitivity up to -137dBm
  PELICAN [Enterprise Outdoor Tracker]  
Operational Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Ingress Protection IP67
RF Power 15 dBm
LoRa Device Class Class A
Antenna Internal
RF Sensitivity up to -137dBm
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How Does Asset Tracking Solution Work? 

The operational process of Asset Tracking Solution is quite simple to comprehend and apply to your company. First of all, sensors (either indoor or outdoor) browse the site, sending location information to the gateway of your choice using a LoRaWAN connection or BLE beacons for Bluetooth signals. The next step is when the gateway receives the data and sends it in form of structured reports to the application, where the end-user can access and review it. 

Bluetooth is one of the most important features of any asset tracker from the TEKTELIC portfolio. Bluetooth-based asset tracking solutions are the cheapest option for asset management. Bluetooth beacons don’t cost much and use radio waves to communicate. These beacons are also more power-efficient, minimizing unnecessary battery usage. Additionally, considering that Bluetooth technology is completely wireless, these beacons and sensors, communicating with them are environmentally friendly and do not cause any harm to the environment, which makes them an ideal solution from both an economical and ecological perspective. 

What are the Benefits of Asset Tracking Solution? 

Asset tracking solution can bring you a wide range of benefits, including reduced downtime in warehouses, reduced cases of lost assets and theft, and more optimized inventory management. With an outdoor or indoor tracking solution, you will be able to locate valuable assets quickly without any delays, which will positively influence all the operational processes and supply chain. 

Besides being a low-cost solution with optimal battery life, the asset tracking devices we offer are also long-lasting and compatible with many other sensors. Asset tracking solutions can be used in a number of situations, including warehouses, factories, and even healthcare facilities. With this solution, you can improve security and reduce the risk of valuable equipment loss, which is significant for any industry. With our asset tracking solution, companies will be able to see where their assets are at any given moment. Additionally, it will keep track of maintenance, expenses, and downtime, as well as other factors. This information will allow the inventory managers to make more informed decisions about assets. This is especially important for companies that use different machinery, which often requires frequent maintenance and replacements. 

What Are the Main Areas of Use for Asset Tracking Solution? 

When it comes to tracking assets, most people think of warehouses and stocks only. 

However, we should note that asset tracking solution can be useful in diverse deployment environments such as: 

  • Hospitals 
  • Retail 
  • Building management 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Warehouses. 

In warehouses, TEKTELIC sensors can be attached either to pallets, forks, or even to trolleys, so you can quickly find the necessary asset. In healthcare, for example, SPARROW can be attached to some medical equipment such as carts, wheelchairs, or dropper stands. Retail cases and manufacturing are more or less similar to warehouses as sensors can be placed at the same spots with an extension to fleet vehicles locating. Building management is the easiest area here with the location of indoor equipment, predominantly. A business’s assets may be anything from a vehicle to small pieces of equipment, where both are of equal importance. 

Why Does ORCA have both BLE and GPS Technology? 

TEKTELIC ORCA is a truly unique device, which combines Bluetooth technology and a GPS tracker to monitor assets in industrial indoor and outdoor settings. When outside, ORCA sends GPS data right to satellites, so you can locate such assets as forks lifters when they pick up any assets outside the warehouse. At the same time, when it enters an indoor environment, it immediately transfers to BLE communication and sends data using optional BLE integration. ORCA uses Bluetooth technology to localize assets indoors using BLE beacons. It also has an accelerometer for asset tracking and its low cost and ease of use make it a viable solution for tracking assets in manufacturing and industrial settings. 

Being an industrial GPS asset tracker, ORCA helps us to provide you with valuable insights about your equipment and other assets. ORCA is an ideal solution in terms of functionality, reliability, and battery life. Its 2x D Cell batteries ensure that the sensor will work for at least 5 years without any recharging and the operable temperature range from -40°C to +85°C guarantees that this GPS-enabled asset tracker is suitable for RF environments. 

Is it Possible to Use Third-Party Sensors in TEKTELIC Asset Tracking Solution? 

If you’re in the business of managing assets, you probably already have a bunch of sensors and may wonder if they can be integrated into the TEKTELIC asset tracking solution. The answer is quick and simple – yes, any LoRaWAN-based sensor can be seamlessly integrated with TEKTELIC’s asset tracking solution. So, using simple words, if you have your own industrial GPS asset tracker with LoRaWAN support or regular LoRaWAN asset tracker, which is not GPS-enabled you can totally add it to our asset tracking solution.