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21 March 2024

21 March 2024

Unlock Efficiency and Innovation in Your Workplace with TEKTELIC’s TEMPO meeting room display

Unlock Efficiency and Innovation in Your Workplace with TEKTELIC’s TEMPO meeting room display
Unlock Efficiency and Innovation in Your Workplace with TEKTELIC’s TEMPO meeting room display

Modern businesses aim to optimize meeting space management to enhance workplace efficiency. TEKTELIC’s TEMPO, a sophisticated meeting room scheduler, plays a key role in this shift, streamlining bookings and providing insights for better space utilization and collaboration.

Understanding space utilization has become increasingly important, with industry data indicating that the average office space utilization rate ranges from 40% to 60% (JLL Utilisation). Despite this, the time spent in meetings continues to rise steadily each year. According to research by career site The Muse, employees spend an average of 35% of their time in meetings, with managers and team leads devoting up to 50% of their time to meetings. Data utilization is becoming high important in understanding how well space is used—or not used. The average offices space utilization rate across industries is approximately 40-60% (JLL Utilisation) Businesses frequently overrate how much their office spaces are used.

By integrating real-time scheduling, automatic updates, and comprehensive utilization data, TEMPO enables businesses to make informed decisions that lead to significant savings and improved employee productivity.

The common challenges in booking meeting rooms

  • Double Bookings: meeting room simultaneously booked of different teams.
  • Abandoned Meetings: meetings are canceled/relocated but the change isn’t updated in the booking system.
  • Manual Booking Processes: Manual methods like email and paper lead to mistakes and inefficiency, complicating reservations.
  • Maintenance and Equipment Issues: disruptions from technical issues or insufficient equipment underscore the importance highlighting the need for a quick reporting system for issues.

To tackle these challenges, you can introduce a digital booking solution – TEKTELIC’S TEMPO meeting room display tablet. This is an innovative tool that allows:

  • works seamlessly with the calendar apps you already use;
  • keeps you updated in real-time;
  • gathers requirements for meetings;
  • provides user-friendly interfaces;
  • supports automated reminders and notifications.


  • offices and commercial buildings;
  • schools and universities;
  • hospitals and laboratories;
  • public and government facilities;
  • rooms with unique equipment or tools.


  • Optimized Room Usage and Real-time Availability. It optimises room reservations in real-time, reducing scheduling efforts, preventing double-bookings, helps in minimizing effort on scheduling meetings.
  • Efficiency and maximizes employee time. It is saving employees up to 30 minutes daily by efficiently utilizing office space, leading to a more productive workforce​​.
  • Cost Reduction and Real Estate Optimization. By providing real-time data on room occupancy and usage, facility managers can optimize the use of meeting spaces.
  • Automated Schedule Adjustments. Meeting room booking systems handle changes in meeting schedules and cancellations automatically.
  • Energy Efficiency and Sustainability. By integrating with smart building solutions, meeting room booking systems can adjust room settings based on occupancy, leading to energy savings and enhanced sustainability efforts.
  • Effortless Integration. Achieve fast and seamless integration with your existing scheduler system (Google Calendars, Outlook), or choose the specially developed TEMPO Room Booking Application, designed for quick deployment at a very low cost.


For booking meeting rooms and managing spaces, TEKTELIC offers a comprehensive solution consisting of:

The all-in-one TEMPO Solution effectively addresses to handle booking challenges and optimized room utilization with enhancing cost efficiency for the business.

Easy steps for booking a meeting with TEKTELIC’s TEMPO

For reserving a meeting room:

  • Via Calendar: Choose your time, select the room on the TEMPO tablet, and you’re instantly booked with a confirmation email to follow.
  • On the Tablet: Touch the screen, book your time directly, and it’s all set.

For cancelling a meeting:

  • Via Calendar: Cancel in your calendar, and the TEMPO tablet shows the room as available.
  • On the Tablet: End the meeting directly on the tablet to free up the room.

Automatically cancelation abandoned meetings:

If there’s no movement in the room 10 minutes after a meeting starts, users get a reminder email. No movement after 15 minutes? Tempo sends out a cancellation reminder. This feature ensures no meeting room goes unused because of forgotten cancellations.

TEKTELIC Tempo Benefits

TEKTELIC‘s TEMPO is not just an investment in a scheduling tool – it’s a strategic decision that aligns with the broader goals of maximizing efficiency, reducing costs, and fostering a productive, collaborative work environment.

Ready to transform how your organization manages its meeting rooms? Contact us to learn more about TEMPO or visit website. Let’s make every meeting and every minute count.

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