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16 May 2022

16 May 2022

TEKTELIC Announces New Brand Names for its IoT Product Portfolio

TEKTELIC Announces New Brand Names for its IoT Product Portfolio
TEKTELIC Announces New Brand Names for its IoT Product Portfolio

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, May 16, 2022TEKTELIC Communications Inc., a member of LoRa Alliance and a leading manufacturer of Carrier-Grade LoRaWAN® IoT Gateways, Devices, and Solutions, rebranded its portfolio of IoT Devices to better align with the market.

TEKTELIC Communications is a leading provider of a licensed spectrum of Carrier-Grade IoT Gateways, Sensors, and Solutions. It is well known for its largest LoRaWAN® Internet of Things (IoT) product portfolio, highest reliability and dependability, flexible connectivity, smooth data transmission, best radio performance, and lowest Total Cost of Ownership among all LoRaWAN® IoT products on the market. All TEKTELIC products follow the LoRaWAN® standard, have LoRa Alliance support, and provide more flexible connectivity and higher power transmit levels than competitors. TEKTELIC Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions are focused on Industrial Applications, Smart Cities & Smart Buildings, Smart Metering, Agriculture, Logistics, and Healthcare. Its products are designed to ensure simple, user-friendly, and efficient mass and critical infrastructure deployments, and low cost of operation and maintenance.

Having first developed the largest nationwide portfolio of LoRaWAN® Gateways, TEKTELIC now focuses most of its R&D resources on IoT Devices, Applications and End-to-End Solutions with more unique Devices added each year to achieve ubiquitous coverage. To ensure better market alignment between the Devices and their use cases in the LoRaWAN® ecosystem, TEKTELIC changed the Device names to make them easy to remember and reflect their key features, applications, and functionality.

The Smart City & Building management category of Devices encompasses those that are associated with the environment, security, and comfort. The CLOVER and KIWI outdoor agricultural devices monitor the earth and ambient air environment conditions, including light intensity. The COMFORT, VIVID, and BREEZE indoor devices measure the indoor air quality, environmental conditions, light intensity, and moisture, and incorporated different triggers. The AURA and FLUX devices control the AC Lights and Outlets and measure power consumption. The TEMPO and MEMO E-Ink Displays solutions are designed to allow effortless integration with MS Outlook to display the meeting room schedule and occupancy status, and display other multi-purpose information. All of these and other TEKTELIC IoT devices are available in the catalog along with the technical information and the most common use cases they support.

TEKTELIC name updates were done in response to our customers and partners’ feedback so we hope you will enjoy the rebranded names as they are simpler to remember, more aligned with the current market, and further outline the TEKTELIC IoT Just Works journey!


TEKTELIC Communications Inc., a global leader in End-to-End IoT Products and Solutions designs and develops Carrier-Grade products differentiated by high reliability and dependability, best radio performance, ease of deployment and operation, and operator low total cost of ownership. TEKTELIC Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions developed following the basic LoRaWAN® standard are designed to work out of the box with little to no IoT knowledge or prior technical expertise by the end-user, or as we say it “IoT JUST WORKS”. This results in high customer satisfaction and mass IoT adoption. For additional information and the latest news from TEKTELIC visit: By visiting the TEKTELIC website you will learn about our recent projects, discover the latest news, and be aware of all the relevant updates.

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