LoRaWAN® connected GPS Tracker for Industrial Asset Management

Battery Life

5 Years

Ingress Protection



2 D-Cell Batteries

LoRa Device Class

Class A and C

All Global ISM Bands

All Global ISM Bands

The TEKTELIC ORCA [Industrial GPS Asset Tracker] is an ideal solution for geolocalizing your assets in the field. This device provides GPS enabled near real-time satellite location tracking with LoRaWAN®. The rugged IP67 design allows for operation in diverse deployment environments, with an operable temperature range of -40°C to +85°C and an optional BLE integration. The device contains 2x D Cell batteries for optimal battery life of up to 5 years. The unit is equipped with an accelerometer to accommodate event-based start-up, minimizing unnecessary battery usage. The ORCA is seamlessly integrated with TEKTELIC’s End-to-End IoT solution.


  • An ideal solution for geolocalizing your assets in the field
  • The ORCA is seamlessly integrated with TEKTELIC’s End-to-End IoT solution
  • 5 Year Battery Life
  • Precise GPS
  • Data Transmission via LoRaWAN®
  • BLE (Optional)
  • All Global ISM bands
  • Rugged IP67 Design
  • Accelerometer
  • Internal Antenna
  • Battery Status Indicator
Operational Temperature
-40°C to + 85°C 
Protection Rating IP67
LoRa Device Class A and C
Antenna Internal
RF Power 22 dBm
RF Sensitivity up to -137dBm
2 D-Cell Batteries
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What happens if I go outside of the range of the GW? Will I still be able to see my device on a map?

When outside the GW range, the IGAT will continue to send GPS data as normal, even if the GW does not receive the data. If the GW cannot receive the data, then a mapping application cannot be updated with the IGAT’s location when outside of the GW range. However, the IGAT stores each GPS and UTC fix that it gets, even when outside the LoRa GW range. This historical data can be retrieved from the IGAT’s log later, once inside the GW range again.

Does the tracker work indoors?

GPS data usually cannot be calculated unless the IGAT is outdoors with a clear view to the sky. When indoors, the BLE function of the IGAT can support indoor tracking via scanning for BLE devices. This tracking feature functions in the same way as the Enterprise Asset Tracker. See EAT documentation for more information.

Can the IGAT detect when I start moving?

Yes, the IGAT supports an Accelerometer Assist feature, which uses the onboard accelerometer to perform actions based on detected movement. The feature supports “motion detected” and “motion cleared” alarms, as well as triggering additional GPS data reports upon motion start and motion clear.

How should I mount the IGAT for best performance?

The IGAT should be mounted with the top side (the side with the LEDs and TEKTELIC logo) facing the sky for best GPS reception. The IGAT should also be mounted in a non-recessed location to allow for best LoRa reception.