Asset Tracking Solution

Outdoor and Indoor Tracking of any asset!

Maintaining accurate asset tracking is no easy task, particularly when assets are constantly in motion, being transported between warehouses and production facilities. Asset tracking devices help to monitor the location of specific assets in hospitals, logistics and manufacturing companies, farmers and other businesses. 

The TEKTELIC Asset Tracking Solution integrates the low-power, long-range capabilities of LoRaWAN® technology to provide a full solution designed for full property coverage, “always-on” connectivity and unprecedented battery life. Whether you are tracking assets in an office, home, retail establishment, warehouse, factory or any other location the TEKTELIC Asset Tracking Solution has you covered. 

Outdoor and Indoor Tracking with LoraWAN IoT networks

Main Benefits of Smart Tracking

IoT is making it easier than ever to actively improve Inventory Management in the form of Smart Warehousing Integration, Machine Utilization Monitoring, and Asset Management. With IoT for Smart logistics, improving process automation seems effortless. 

Main benefits of Smart Tracking: 

- Simple Deployment 

- Easy to Use – minimum training required 

- Always-On Connectivity 

- Real-Time Alerts 

- Full Coverage of Property 

Pallet Tracking
Vehicle Tracking
Railway Cars
Animal Tracking

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